Dissolution of Marriage


Dissolution/Divorce/Legal Separation

In Arizona, a marriage is dissolved by the Courts, which results in a Dissolution or (Divorce) of the marriage.  To file in Arizona, you must be a resident of Arizona at least 90 days prior to filing and your marriage must be "irretrievably broken without any prospect of reconciliation". There are many issues that must be resolved in any Dissolution proceeding, which may include Custody of Children, Parenting Time, Child Support, Spousal Maitenance and the division of Property, Retirement Accounts and Debts.  A Legal Separation resolves all the same issues as a Dissolution, only the marriage legally stays in place.  At Overstreet Law we can help you resolve all of the issues a Dissolution or Separation presents.

Child Custody/Parenting Time


Custody-Sole vs Joint

In Arizona, Custody can be granted Jointly to the parents, who would then share in the responsibility of making major decsions on behalf of the child.(i.e. education, medical and dental).  Conversely, Sole Custody is where only one parent has the authority to make those major decisions. At Overstreet Law we can help develop the facts of your case to determine what type of Custody is appropriate to request.   Custody does not refer to the amount of time a parent spends with a child

Parenting Time refers to the actual time that each parent will spend with their child.  There are regular schedules for day to day parenting time and then there are holidays schedules to be determined.

Spousal Support/Child Support


Calculating Support Issues

Family Support calculations take into account many numerical calculations and are based upon the facts of your case.  The most important aspect of calculating and argueing support issues, is having the experience in determining which factors in a case will be most important and how to accentuate them.




Many people in todays enviroment have many family members who need special care and asistance. These decisions can involve setting up a Guardianship/Conservatorship.  A Guardianship grants a person with the authority for making health care decisions over another person called a "Ward" .  It becomes the Guardians duty to care for the Ward and their health needs.  A Conservatorship grants the same authority over a "Wards" finances and assets. If you are faced with these difficult decsions, Overstreet Law can help you take the necessary steps to provide the assistance your loved ones require.

Wills and Powers of Attoney


Wills and Powers of Attorney

Drafting a Will is a basic Estate Planning tool that everyone should do at a minimum.   It will allow you to determine how your assets will be disposed of, instead of State Statutory rules.  It also allows you to direct who you put in charge of handlig how your Estate is to be distributed.

Powers of Attorney (General/Specific/Health Care/Mental Health Care/Living Will) allow you direct who and how your Estate is handled if you have disabiling isues develope while you are still alive.

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